05-10 JULY  2015 TURKIYE


I s tanbul T u rkiye Harman Folk lore Fe s ti v al organi s ation would like s eeing yo u r dance gro u p in KONYA / AKSEHIR   city International folk fe s ti v al , which will be held 05-10 JULY in 2015.

Now we would like to let you know about festival conditions; . Participation fee is per person 50 Euro totally  . Regarding festival rules two groups leaders and two bus drivers are free .. We can accept ma x 45 people including two bu s dri v er s . Group’ s dancer age s mu s t be older than 16 year s old. We will in v ite 5 countrie s . Group s can perform with CD or Life music. ACCOMIDATION : Aksehir   Municipality   fe s ti v al committee  will pro v ide  accommodation Uni v er s ity dormitory and three meal s . ( Per room 3-4-5 people ) WE INVITED EQUATOR – BANGLADES – HUNGARY – ROMENIA –TURKISH GROUPS.

TRANSPORTATION : The participant group s mu s t pay their own tra v el e x pen s e s from their Country to Turkey  ( fe s ti v al city) and return. If group i s coming by bu s Fe s ti v al Municipality organi s ation committee will gi v e  400 Litter Ga s oline at the end of the fe s ti v al. If groups want to join by plane Aksehir municipality committee will provide FREE transportation ( istanbul – Aksehir –istanbul) or ( Ankara Aksehir – Ankara ) Now we are s ending you application form, if you are AGREE and ACCEPT the condition s , plea s e fill up the form and s ent it back to u s with attachment file . (group photo s and s hort de s cription by e-mail or fax ).