On April 30th , 2020, the first online meeting of the IGF board members, took place online.

With the help of the “Zoom Cloud meeting” application, 23 representatives of the member federations of the World Folklore Union discussed the topics proposed by the I.G.F. president, Prof. Dr. Dorel Cosma.

Each of them came up with a suggestion on the current situation, the intention being to resume, according to the current possibilities, the future activities regarding the promotion of world folklore, be it even through online media.

Representatives of the federations from: France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Serbia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia, Cyprus, Turkey, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Croatia, Switzerland, Azerbaijan and of course Romania participated.

Regarding the actions that will take place this year, some of the representatives have already launched the offer to resume activities starting with November, this being possible only if the current situation will improve and we will be able to get rid of the panic and fear caused by this virus.

The safety and health of all IGF members is of course in the first place, which is why it was decided that the next online conference will take place somewhere in mid-May, after we will have news about the course of this pandemic.

At the end of the online meeting, all those invited to the conference conveyed beautiful thoughts of peace and tranquility to all those in this delicate situation caused by COVID 19.



I.G.F. Counselor,

Doris Nedelea