Last year was very difficult for the whole world. However, when there is a will and determination, one can move mountains… A folk dance ensemble PAPARTĖLIS led by me took part in three events. We managed to participate in one of them live and two of them were ONLINE events…

On February 11-20, Vilnius folk dance ensemble “PAPARTĖLIS” took part in a global folklore festival MI PERU 2020, which was organized by the President of the Festival Mr. Martin Arauco Parades and by the Festival Director, member of the World Folklore Union IGF Ms. Anita Zapata. Representatives from Argentina, Bolivia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Columbia, Latvia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Easter Island participated in the festival. “Papartėlis” had great opportunity to present Lithuania and its traditional dance art in the faraway Peru.

The exotic South American country made a lasting impression on dancers. There was unforgettable flight over the picturesque Andes Mountains to the mysterious Inca city – Machu Picchu – one of the wonders of the world. It was also interesting to become acquainted with the ancient Incan capital Cusco.

We commemorated the February 16th – the Restoration of the State Day – by singing Lithuanian anthem in the main square of Lima, the capital of Peru. Hundreds of local residents as well as tourists were watching us.

The opportunity for “PAPARTĖLIS” dancers to take part in the art festival of such a faraway and beautiful country was a gift to the ensemble celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its activity.

Right after the festival quarantine due to Covid-19 began. We were invited to participate in FESTIVAL CULTURAL INTERNATIONAL ENCUENTRO GALAPAGAS 2020 and took part in it online.  Organaized this festival by the director of the dance ensemble  San Cristobal Sra. Rafaela Alarcon.  It was a wonderful feeling, and the festival organizers invited us to participate live in their organized festival in the islands of Galapagos, San Cristobal city in 2021.

In summer the vice-president of World Folklore Union IGF Mr. Jose Antonio Vinas organized an excellent online festival in Spain, Galicia, the city of Ourense. It was great opportunity to continue the fostering of traditional art in the ranks of like-minded people of the World Folklore Union IGF. We could glorify our country and its culture, as well as admire the traditions, dance and music cherished by other countries.



World Folklore Union IGF Board member, representative in Lithuania

 Vilnius Abraomas Kulvietis classical gymnasium folklore dance ensemble “PAPARTĖLIS” choreographer and art director Birutė Akelaitienė