HARMAN CULTURE & FESTIVAL ORGANIZATION was found in 1987 from ISTANBUL in TURKEY . HARMAN CULTURE & FESTIVAL ORG. arranges six different INT. CULTURE FESTIVAL between  April – September  every year in  TURKEY. The year was 2011 and it was the first time in TURKEY and for our International CHORUS  Competition too. In 2015 we will arrange 5.edition of it, within last four years  there were totally 70 groups. In 2016 we will invite 18 choir groups from all over the World.CHILDREN CHORUS - ADULT FEMALE -ADULT MALE -ADULT MIXED -TRADITIONAL FOLK  SONG MUSIC -TRADITIONAL FOLK INSTRUMENTAL  MUSIC  GROUPS - PERFORMANCE GROUPS If you interest please send us APPLICAITION FORM and your group info. You can see the participation groups and theirs AWARDS  www.istanbulchorus.com    www.youtube.com/harmanfolk

Full-board in a  University Dormitory 
110  €
 / per person/(4 
nights 5 DAYS )
We will provide to you three meals per day ( lunches with packed meal ) and accommodation at the University dormitory, each room has 6 beds capacity and suitable for max. 4 people using, pillow, sheet, blanket wardrobe.  Toilet and showers are at the same floor. Free parking lot. Basketball and Football area, canteen, buffet, library, rehearsal rooms.

FREE OF CHARGE : If groups come 30 people one group leader  free of charge.  . 31-45  people or more than, 2 group leaders  free of charge. If groups will come by their own bus, drivers free of charge too. we can't provide rooms for couples. We can only provide double rooms for drivers or leader.

Full-board in a 3 STARS HOTEL
145 €
 / per person/ all Festival time (4 nights 5 DAYS )

We will provide to you three meals per day (lunches with packed meal) and accommodation . each room has 2-3-4 beds, toilet, showers. If group come more than 35 people one leader free

Full-board in a 4 STARS  HOTEL  
160 € / per person/ all Festival time (4 
nights 5 DAYS )

We will provide to you three meals per day (lunches with packed meal) and accommodation at the 4* hotel centrum in Kadikoy, each room has 2-3 beds, toilet, showers, free internet and security.

If group come more than 35 people one leader free www.adenotel.com

GENERAL INFORMATION : Festival organisation committee will provide one English speaking guide to each group for helping programme schedule. At the period of the competition-festival choir groups one day competition ,one day opening of the festival, one day sightseeing visiting historical area , one day shopping and beach, one day traditional the best excursion in the World with private Boat at lovely Boshporus (separate Europe-Asia).Besides  each groups will receive  Placate, certificate, for highest scores for each category  CUP and among  all categories  who has the highest score will receive ISTCUP and money prize (1st, 2nd, 3rd) 700 €-500 € -300 €. Each singer will get Medal and certificate.

If Group accept and agree with the competition and festival conditions, have to fill up the APPLICATION FORM and send us back  with a short brief about their background and their previously activities in abroad and group photos by e-mail with attachment file. During the festival, there will be two times of gift exchanges, one  of them with Municipality Mayor and one of them with the festival committee at welcoming meeting. 

TURKISH FESTIVALS CONDITIONS 2016  festival performance – our festivals www.youtube.com/harmanfolk


24-27 MARCH                   ISTANBUL

21-25 APRIL               ISTANBUL

26-30 JUNE


21-25 JULY              ISTANBUL

26-30 JULY               ISTANBUL

18-22 AUGUST          ANTALYA

HARMAN FOLK- MUSIC  CLUB & ASSOCIATIONS: Every year 160 members of Harman ; Children-youth -Adult traditional folk dance and music-chorus  groups  participate abroad international festivals Since 1990, Harman groups had participated approximately 90 countries abroad festivals so far. We are always ready to participate abroad ( YOUR COUNTRY ) international amateur or Professional organisations  2016.

If you have chorus –music - culture festivals & sport organisations please send us conditions and dates.