It is time to start the New Year Celebrations! International Folklore Festivals – Ohrid, Macedonia (IFFOM) in collaboration with CAS “Ohrigjanka”, CAS “Pletenka”, CAS “Vez” and CAS “Debarca”, offers a special New Year’s and Christmas present for all of our guest groups, friends and associates. Hurry up and apply for some of our 2016 FESTIVALS IN OHRID, MACEDONIA, and you will get a 10% DISCOUNT if you send us your applications from 30 December, 2015, until 20 January 2016. Do not miss this special opportunity! Join us at our festivals in the beautiful city of Ohrid and you will get the best deal and the best fun! We wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Our Work !!!

The main activities of our Event, Advertising and Organizing International Folklore Festivals in Ohrid – Macedonia (IFFOM), include organization of cultural manifestations and festivals where various kinds of groups can participate: Folklore groups and Ensembles, Majorette Teams and Brass Bands, Choir Singers, groups that prefer Modern Dances, Ballet, Orchestras and groups that nurture traditional songs, etc.

The participants can apply for participation in a festival in our country or in other countries that are advertised on our website. They will have the opportunity to perform, compete and participate in International Competitions, festivals and concert tours.

Dear Friends !!!

We invite you to participate in our international festivals, which take place in our beautiful city of Ohrid, in organization of International Folklore Festivals, Ohrid, Macedonia “IFFOM” from Ohrid, Macedonia. It will be our pleasure to have you as our guests so we can all together have fun and make new friendships, but also learn something more about the richness of our culture and the history of Ohrid.

What We Offer !!!

The festivals we offer are international. Folklore Ensembles, Majorette Teams and Brass Bands, Groups for Modern Dances, Choir singers etc. from all around the world can take part in these festivals. With the organization of the festivals we have the chance to enjoy together in the beauties of the different cultures through the various dances, music, songs and colorful national costumes. Furthermore, the participants will have an opportunity to meet new people and make new friendship relationships.

The main idea of this organization is to follow and promote folk music tradition, contemporary culture and the traditional Macedonian and International folklore festivals. We want people to see the value of the traditional dances and songs, as well as the value of folklore through the various programs that many Macedonian and Foreign organizations offer.