In Bulgaria, Sofia and Blagoevgrad were conducted extensive cultural and artistic events, celebrating 160 years of the organization "Citalista". On this occasion were offered distinctions and awards for those who over the years have made important cultural activities at national and international level.

Attending these events, manager of Culture Palace from Bistrița and also President of I.G.F. , Prof. PhD. Dorel Cosma received and awarded distinctions for gentlemen: Nikolai Doinov - president "Citalista" Rosen Bogdanov - President of the National Folklore Federation from Bulgaria and Mr. Vasily Novoselsky - manager of the "Blagoevgrad" Culture Center.

This large-scale manifestation was held at the National Palace in Sofia in the presence of over 5000 spectators and a numerous official authorities, both national and local level.

In the collaboration between Cultural Palace from Bistrita, I.G.F. and ”Citalista” It was mentioned in official meetings underlining the brilliant results at folkloric and literary level.

We mention that "Citalista" is the largest cultural organization in Bulgaria comprising over 3,000 cultural organizations from the whole territory of this Country